Ramen:喫茶  Chasen

喫茶  Chasen



Chasen is a cafe specializing in new types of sweets with a taste that only comes freshly made. Confections with a Japanese twist. combining both cool and hot/melting sensations are offered to suit the season. Through these fine desserts, rich in the fragrances of Kyoto, we want to share moments of happiness with all of our customers-this is the motivation behind the establishment of Chasen.

Sapporo Shirakaba Sansou Niigata Touyoko Higashi Ikebukuro, Tokyo Taishoken Kitakata Bannai Shokudo Toyama Toyama Black Men-ya Iroha Kyoto Masutani Osaka Kinsei Tokushima Ramen Todai Hakata Hakata Ikkousha Oven-Baked Sweets Chasen