Ramen:喫茶  Chasen

喫茶  Chasen



Chasen is a cafe specializing in new types of sweets with a taste that only comes freshly made. Confections with a Japanese twist, combining both cool and hot/melting sensations are o?ered to suit the season. Through these ?ne desserts, rich in the fragrances of Kyoto, we want to share moments of happiness with all of our customers?this is the motivation behind the establishment of Chasen.

Sapporo Shirakaba Sansou Niigata Touyoko Higashi Ikebukuro, Tokyo Taishoken Kitakata Bannai Shokudo Toyama Toyama Black Men-ya Iroha Kyoto Masutani Osaka Kinsei Tokushima Ramen Todai Hakata Hakata Ikkousha Oven-Baked Sweets Chasen